• Voces desde el Trabajo Social

    The journal Voces desde el Trabajo Social is an annual publication of open access to unpublished research articles, refereed and pertinent to the discipline and profession of Social Work, being promoted by the Professional Association of Social Work of Puerto Rico (CPTSPR). It has been published since 2012, and responds to the search for the exchange and facilitation of dialogue between the various thematic lines in Social Work, and the academic and professional community at the national, regional and international levels. It is aimed at professionals, researchers, educators and students in the area of Social Work, social and human sciences in general. Thus, these publications open the way for articles from other disciplines and professions whose contributions relate to, or enrich the field of Social Work. Voces - Social Work magazine is based on principles of plurality, interdisciplinarity, good academic practices and ethical considerations.

    ISSN: 2372-2673 [Print]
    ISSN-e: 2372-269X [Online]

    Digital Object Identifier [DOI]: 10.31919/voces